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Warner Hall - Gloucester, Va
September 14-15

“You are to be exceedingly watchfull upon the Motions of the Enemy…and prevent, as much as possible, without risquing too much, the Enemy’s gaining Provisions or Supplies from the Country….”

  Gen. Washington to Gen. Weedon

  September 23, 1781


Event Scenario


It is autumn of 1781 and a large British force under General Lord Cornwallis has occupied Yorktown and Gloucester Point since early August. A British raiding party has descended on Warner Hall by water to gather forage for the two fortified posts.


The Gloucester militia has been in the field for weeks and will try to repel the raiders.


On Sunday afternoon, the event jumps ahead a few weeks to the beginning of the Siege of Yorktown. A small version of the Battle of the Hook will take place to cap off the event.


Visitors are invited to visit the camps and sutlers and watch the battles as history comes alive at Warner Hall on September 14 – 15.

Camp Layout

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Saturday Sept 14

10:00 - Camps Open

12:00 - British Land (first battle)

3:00 - Militia Strike Back (second battle)

5:00 - Camps Close

                                 Dinner for reenactors

6:30 - Dance

Sunday Sept 15

10:00 - Camps Open

10:30 - Church Service

12:00 - British Depart (third battle)

2:00 - Battle of the Hook (fourth battle)

3:00 - Camps Close (event end)

Registered Units/Sutlers




Eve of the Siege Registration
Warner Hall, Gloucester, Va
Sept 14-15 2019

Please list impressions that will be attending along with the numbers expected to be in attendance

    ie.  Line, Light, Rifle, Artillerists, Distaff, Dragoon, Jaeger, Militia and the     numbers of each

Number of tents

All units must be insured.  Your unit's registration signifies your affirmation that your unit is insured.