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7th Virginia Companies

The 7th Virginia Regiment consists of  Line, Light Infantry, Rifle, Artillery, Distaff and Civilian and Crown Forces Companies. The regimental officers of the 7th Virginia consist of  a Captain, a Line Company Lieutenant and Sergeant, a Light Infantry Company Lieutenant and Sergeant, a Rifle Company Lieutenant and Sergeant, and a Head of Distaff and Civilians. 

The heart of any Continental Line Regiment were the eight companies of line troops. While riflemen, light infantry, and dragoons might serve as scouts, advanced guards and flanking parties, when the major armies collided the line companies decided the outcome of the battle. To learn more about the Line Infantry company, click the photo

The Light Infantry was typically positioned in an exposed position between the armies to watch the enemy and provide early warning. In battle, the light infantry often acted as skirmishers, sometimes making initial contact with the enemy, and then drifting to the flanks. Light infantry tactics emphasized mobility and fighting in extended order. To learn more about the Light Infantry company, click the photo

The rifleman has been labeled with qualities and descriptions such as “rugged individualism”, “self-willed”, “independent”,  “raised in the wilderness”, “lives off of the land”,  and “noble savage”.  To many people, the rifleman represents the personification of many of the fundamental American ideals associated with the American revolution. To learn more about the Rifle company, click the photo

The Seventh Virginia Artillery Company portrays an artillery company who lives, marches and fights with the infantry battalion. This is accomplished by deploying a highly mobile gun that the regiment has affectionately named "Miss Ginny". To learn more about the Artillery company and Miss Ginny, click the photo

It was not uncommon for wives and even children to follow their soldier-husbands and fathers on campaign. They often shared a soldier's hardships in campaign and camp life. To learn more about the Distaff/Civilian company, click the photo

The Crown Company was created to ensure that there would be an adequate opposing force at living history events of the 7th Virginia.  The crown company consists of members from the other companies  who wish to interpret a secondary impression  as a British, German or Loyalist soldier, sailor or marine. To learn more about the Crown Forces company, click the photo

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