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The 7th Virginia

The Seventh Virginia portrays a typical Continental Line regiment in camp and in battle. It is our mission to have fun and learn more about the lives of Revolutionary War soldiers and their families and share our passion for history with each other and the public. The regiment participates in a broad spectrum of events from battles that involve over a thousand soldiers and their families, small skirmishes with a select group of regiments and living history demonstrations which entail setting up a camp and educating the public through military drill and other demonstrations of common camp life such as food ways of the 18th century, civilian impressions such as surgeons, merchants known as sutlers, cartographers and tradesman. 


The 7th Virginia participates in events that are located at actual historic sites throughout the United States where the Revolutionary War was fought (think East Coast US and out in the frontier towards the Ohio Valley) and at sites that are chosen for location, terrain and historic significance.

The main impression that is interpreted is the 7th Virginia throughout several reorganizations of its role in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. This focuses the regiment primarily on two basic time periods during the Revolutionary War: Early War from 1775-1779 and Late War from 1779-1781. For the early war impression, which also serves as the regiments militia impression, a natural or black linen hunting shirt is worn over small clothes(breeches, shirt, stockings, shoes, and hat). For the late war impression a blue wool regimental coat, faced with red collars, cuff, and lapels, is worn over white linen small clothes. The regiment encourages all members to fulfill the early war impression first as to maximize participation in events and minimize the initial cost of participation. 

For a chronological history of the 7th Virginia please click here



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