2020 Events

Regimental Event - one in which the unit membership has expressed a strong interest in attending and therefore, strong unit turnout and a camp kitchen is expected.  


Company Event - one in which interest in the event among the unit membership exists, but not to the degree of a regimental event.  If an elected officer or a designee of the captain is unable to attend a particular company event, it shall be struck from the event schedule and will no longer be a sanctioned 7th Virginia event.


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1st & 2nd - Mount Vernon Weekend - Mount Vernon, Va - Regimental Event

22nd & 23rd - 7th Virginia Muster - Gloucester, Va - Regimental Event


25th & 26th - Prelude To Yorktown - Surry, Va - Regimental Event


16th & 17th - 240th Anniversary of Yorktown - Yorktown, Va - Regimental Event


13th & 14th - Battle of Hobkirks Hill - Camden, Sc - Regimental Event


4th & 5th - Battle of Great Bridge - Chesapeke, Va - Regimental Event