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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I become a full member of the 7th Virginia?

The first part of the process in becoming a full member of the 7th Virginia is to fill out the membership form here or under the contact tab and follow the instructions on the form. After your registration is complete the process to full membership is threefold: 1. You first become a Levy. A levy is a member who has submitted his/her application for membership along with first year's dues. The levy's first priority is to begin the process of putting together the minimal acceptable kit to participate in events. It is recommended that a levy attend their first event as a non-outfitted visitor to the camp to meet unit members and officers. 2. After the Levy stage, you then become a Recruit. The recruit can begin participation in unit activities as he/she has assembled a basic clothing kit. A recruit is also in the beginning stages of learning proper deportment in camp, and beginning the process of learning the basic drill manual and black powder safety guidelines in preparation for eventual use of a musket in battle scenarios and living history demonstrations. 3. The third and final level of the membership process is that of Private. A private has assembled a complete soldier's kit, and exhibits his/her knowledge of the basic drill and black powder safety guidelines. A private is eligible to participate in demonstrations and battle reenactments once an officer has certified the private's proficiency in the military drill and black powder safety.

What are the participation requirements of the 7th Virginia?


There are no minimum requirements for participation to maintain full membership in the 7th Virginia, however the 7th Virginia encourages as much participation as humanly possible from all of its members.

May my family participate in the 7th Virginia?

The Seventh Virginia is an extremely family friendly organization due to the fact that Continental soldiers were often accompanied by their wives and children during the Revolutionary War. Women in the unit may portray wives, cooks, nurses and sutlers (merchants). Members of all genders are welcome to portray soldiers but are encouraged to appear as military as possible. Children will portray typical children's roles in the regiment.

What are the Uniform and Equipment requirements of the 7th Virginia?

One of our objectives is to get prospective members into camp or on the battlefield as soon as possible. A big part of this is helping you acquire the necessary clothing and equipment to fit into an 18th century environment. In the Soldier's Manual(s) for each individual impression are the equipment and clothing guidelines for that particular impression.


The regiment has a limited amount of camp gear, clothing and weapons to help you get started reenacting with the 7th Virginia. We ask that you obtain a set of small clothes at the outset that will consist of a shirt, breeches, waistcoat, stockings, shoes and an appropriate hat for those in a military impression or male civilian impression and for those that portray a female impression a shift, petticoat, stockings, short gown, shoes and an appropriate headwear. We also encourage that new members to make an effort to be fully "kitted out" with all the necessary clothing, camp gear including a wedge tent and the correct weapon for your impression within a year of joining the unit. To assist you in this process of acquiring the proper "kit" a list of reputable 18th century merchants are posted to the links section of this page and a merchants listing is also included in your potential companies soldier's manual . If you desire to make your own clothing, the 7th Virginia offers clothing workshops periodically and the regiment can instruct you where to find the correct pattern for a particular clothing item.

How often does the 7th Virginia meet?

The 7th Virginia meets once a year to discuss unit business and the upcoming years events. On average the 7th Virginia participates in 1-2 events per month.  Please see the "Event" page for our schedule.



7th Virginia Documents- Here are links to documents that are helpful to both new and veteran members of the 7th Virginia

-Membership Form

-Line Soldiers Manual

-Light Infantry Manual

-Rifeman Manual

-Artillery Manual

-Distaff Manual

-Von Stueben's Drill Manual

-Instructions for tricorn &Virginia round hat from a blank

-Haversack instructions

-BAR Hunting Frock pattern

-Jamestown MTA attendance form

Unit Links- Here are links to other units that the 7th Virginia maintains close association with

American Units:

1st Virginia Regiment

1st Pennsylvania Regiment

1st Maryland Regiment

2nd North Carolina Regiment

2nd South Carolina Regiment

2nd Virginia Regiment

6th North Carolina Regiment

Donegal Township Riflemen

British Units:

HMS Otter

Brigade of Guards

14th Regiment of Foot

64th Regiment of Foot

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Von Bose Infantry Regiment

Jager Companie Von Roeder

Merchant Links- Here are links to recommended merchants that provide a variety of clothing, period correct weapons and camp gear.

Avalon Forge

​Burnley and Trowbridge

C&D Jarnagin Co.

Dirty Bill Hats

Dixie Gunworks

Early American Tin

Flying Canoe

Phil Gilson Glassblower

Keeley Sutphin

Knightingales Rest

Najecki Reproductions

Panther Primitives

Smiling Fox

Sutler of Mt. Misery

Track of the Wolf

Wm. Booth, Draper

Links to Member Written Books- Here are links to find books written by members of the 7th Virginia

Michael Cecere (Amazon)

Mark Maloy (Amazon)

7th VA shirt

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