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Line Infantry

"We have bayonets, too! We can charge! Come on, men! Don't you know what bayonets are for?" "                                                                                                                                                     --General Edward Stevens

The heart of any Virginia Regiment were the companies of line troops. While riflemen, light infantry, and dragoons might serve as scouts, advanced guards and flanking parties, when the major armies collided the line companies decided the outcome of the battle.
These men were taught to fight in close-order, firing rapid, aimed volleys, and then close with the enemy to fight with their bayonets. By June 1779, they were a match for the best the British had to offer.

Our reenacting Seventh Virginia attempts to recreate the appearance of the Virginia Continental Line soldier of 1779. We wear the uniform specified by General Washington in that year -- blue regimentals with red turnbacks.


Those interested in joining the 7th Virginia Line Company should refer to the Line Soldiers Manual for more information on clothing and accouterments to serve in the Line Company.  As with all companies in the 7th Virginia Regiment current members are always available and willing to assist you on your journey to the 18th century

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