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Light Infantry

"That is should be attempted by the Light Infantry only, which should march under cover of the night and with the utmost secrecy to the enemy's lines, securing every person they find to prevent discovery." George Washington to Anthony Wayne about the plan for the Battle of Stony Point. For sourcing information click here

Soldiers in the Light Infantry were drawn from the best Line Infantry soldiers during the late Revolutionary War period (1779 until the end). Light Infantry participated as a critical part of late engagements such as the Battle of Stony Point and culminating in the storming of Redoubt #10 at Yorktown and bringing the war to an end. These men were the special forces of their time period


A Light infantry deployment typically consists of being in an exposed position between the armies. This was done as to watch the enemy and provide intelligence and early warning to the rest of the regiment.


In a battle scenario, light infantry often acts as skirmishers, sometimes making initial contact and occupying the opposing force until the rest of the regiment makes full contact with the enemy. Light infantry tactics in battle emphasize fighting in extended order and firing by partners as to emphasize mobility.

Those interested in joining the 7th Virginia Light Infantry Company should refer to the Light Infantry Manual for more information on clothing and accouterments to serve in the Light Infantry Company.  As with all companies in the 7th Virginia Regiment current members are always available and willing to assist you on your journey to the 18th century.

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