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Crown Forces - 80th RoF Light Co.
Continental -7th Va

Registration Open Below

Why Chippokes Plantation State Park?

  • Chippokes State Park is across the James River from Green Springs battlefield (close to ferry crossings)​

  • Near Colonial Williamsburg / Yorktown / Jamestown​

  • Park has ability to use state resources for publicizing event​

  • Park has ability to hold large events (Proven through Pine Pork and Peanut Festival) ​

  • Site has ability to:​

    • Provide location for camps to be in shaded areas/vehicular access to camps​

    • Provide functioning coral for horses ​

    • Provide hard restroom facilities​/shower facility

    • Provide sheltered location for Saturday night libations​

  • On site food vendors ​

Schedule of Events

     June 3rd Time TBD   

Skirmish at Chippokes Plantation

Attack on British Forging Party

June 4th - Times TBD


Church Service


Battle of Mackie's Mill  


*Demos will be scheduled throughout the day on the demo field*  

Prelude to Yorktown Registration
Chippokes State Park, Surry, Va
June 3rd - 4th

Please list impressions that will be attending along with the numbers expected to be in attendance

    ie.  Line, Light, Rifle, Artillerists, Distaff, Dragoon, Jaeger, Militia

Number of tents

All units must be insured.  Your unit's registration signifies your affirmation that your unit is insured.

Thanks for submitting!

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