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Rifle Company

"shirt-tail men, with their cursed twisted guns, the most fatal widow-and-orphan-makers in the world"                                                                                                                                                     --London Newspaper, 1775

Men of rifle company were the "marksman" of their day.  The Long Rifle was accurate at over 200 yards in comparison to the smoothbore musket with an effective range of 50 to 100 yards.  Volunteers of a rifle company were "young men of character, and of sufficient property to clothe themselves completely, find their own arms, and accouterments, that is an approved rifle, handsome shot pouch, powderhorn, blanket, knapsack, with such decent clothing as should be prescribed."


The 7th Virginia Regiment's rifle company reenacts and interprets a representative Revolutionary War rifle company made up of colonial frontiersman and scouts from Virginia’s colonial frontier. The  Rifle Company is based on the historical rifle company commanded by Capt. Charles Porterfield. under the command of Col. Daniel Morgan.


Those interested in joining the 7th Virginia Rifle Company should refer to the Riflemen Manual for more information on clothing and accouterments to serve in the Rifle Company.  As with all companies in the 7th Virginia Regiment current members are always available and willing to assist you on your journey to the 18th century


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