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Welcome Letter From The Captain

Good Day,

On behalf of the members of the 7th Virginia Regiment I would like to welcome you to our unit and the wonderful hobby of Rev. War Reenacting. Although we are a large and diverse unit, we all share a strong interest and passion for the American Revolution and thoroughly enjoy learning about and educating the public about this crucial era in American history. We are thrilled they you have joined us in this endeavor.

Starting out can be a bit daunting, but please know we have all been in your shoes (or moccasins) and we are all here to help. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the membership with any and all questions and requests for help.

By joining the 7th Virginia Regiment you help us bring to life the past and also honor those who came before us in the 18th century, so we are just as eager to get you into the field as you probably are to join us there. I hope you find your participation in reenacting as rewarding and inspirational as I have these past two decades and I, with the rest of the unit members, stand ready to assist anyway we can.

I Remain,

Your Most Obedient Servant,

Mike Cecere -- Capt. 7th Virginia Regiment.

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